Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The first of many..

The first of eleven sacred spots on this site has been filled. Jim Harbaugh Scramble, a regular poster on MGoBlog, has been selected to represent the Maize and Blue here at Blog Ten Football.

I've asked him to write a brief introduction, so without further adieu:

Hello fans, I'm Jim Harbaugh Scramble and I'll be your Michigan correspondent here on Blog 10 Football.

About me - I'm 24 years old and a huge UM football fan. College football is my favorite sport but I'm also into the NFL, NBA and MLB. My favorite sports teams are the Wolverines, Detroit Lions, Detroit Pistons, Detroit Tigers and Detroit Red Wings. My passion, however is Michigan football.

I'm originally from Michigan, grew up in the Detroit area, and for whatever reason just became a huge UM fan. I've been a fan for as long as I remember. Some of my favorite UM players of all time are: Harbaugh, Terrell, Woodson, Howard among many, many others. What I love the most about Michigan is a tradition of winning the right way with class and integrity.

I want to thank Blog 10 for this opportunity and I hope you Big Ten fans will have a chance to learn more about me and UM football.

Go Blue!

No, JHS. Thank you. Here's to a bright future of blogging between us and the rest of Blog Ten Football's correspondents (to be announced).

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