Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Yet another slot filled..

The position of Illinois correspondent has officially been filled.

A regular on the Illinois Loyalty boards, Mas is about as big as an Illini fan as one can get, and as he explains, has been bleeding orange for quite some time:

Growing up less than a mile from beautiful Memorial Stadium, Illinois sports and especially football became became my life.

Through the rocky years of Lou Tepper and Ron Turner the Fighting Illini experienced everything from Rose Bowl appearances to one win seasons, but after years of mediocrity and worse, fans began accepting the idea that they were "second tier". Ron Zook brought a new mentality in 2005, and despite a discouraging first two years, Illinois started bringing in nationally ranked talent, and players across the country began to take pride in playing for Illinois.

In one year the Illini went from a two win team to a Rose Bowl Participant, and with the pieces currently set up the Illini should be a top team in the Big Ten and look to go back to Pasadena--and maybe more.

We're glad to have you on the team, Mas. I look forward to your future contributions.

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