Friday, January 25, 2008

It's about time!

Who knew we'd have a Penn State and Illinois correspondent before we'd have a Buckeye? The team that just went 11-1 in the regular season? The ones that went to the National Championship? That team who's fans are always right behind you telling you how they beat your team, even when it's at a game that Ohio State isn't even playing in*?

Yeah, anyways. They have passionate fans. And luckily for all of us, we picked up one of them to write for us here at Blog 10 Football. He's known as KabukiBuckeye, but he's been nice enough to allow us to call him KB from here on out. Here's what he had to say:

Looking through a family photo album recently my favorite picture was one of myself as a child proudly wearing my #7 Cornelius Greene jersey, proof I've been a huge Ohio State Buckeye fan my entire life. My first Buckeye memories came from the Earle Bruce days when I got to watch Buckeye greats like Chris Spielman. I somehow was able to survive the John Cooper era and his 2-10-1 record against Michigan.

Then in 2000 Jim Tressel came to town and two seasons later Ohio State had their first National Championship in 34 years. Did I mention he's won 6 or his first 7 against Michigan? As much success as he's had on the field what he's done off it may even be more impressive. I have lived in Ohio most of my life and I can't recall a time where I've ever seen more support and pride for The Ohio State University. It's a beautiful thing to see.

Looking forward to making a run at Miami in '08.

Go Big Ten and Go Bucks!

Welcome to the team, KB. Glad to have you.

*Yeah, this actually did happen.



Ohio Speed said...

Cool site. Looking forward to seeing what you have on the Bucks and the B10.

Austin said...

Thanks, Ohio. We're just getting started, so keep checking in as signing day approaches and as more positions fill.

Thanks for the support!

Anonymous said...

hey, BuckeyeBeau (from Chicago) here... a thought or two... you wrote: "That team who's fans are always right behind you telling you how they beat your team, even when it's at a game that Ohio State isn't even playing in*?" So, clearly not a fan of the Buckeyes; yet you are surprised it took some time to get a Buckeye correspondent? My suggestion is that YOU have to be very very neutral... in the future, why not let your now-correspondents introduce your new hoped-for-soon-to-be correpondents. Let JHS introduce whomever you get from "little brother" and let MAS intro the NW guy/gal, etc.... that'll start a nice "discussion" and you can "remain above the fray (sp?)"

Anonymous said...

BuckeyeBeau again: but otherwise, g'luck with the Blog... i'll "fav" it and check in with you ... go Bucks! and Big Ten (unless playing the Bucks!) and to KB: be funnier, smarter and just better than all the rest!... big grin...

Austin said...

Buckeye Beau:

I knew someone would take that comment that way.. Let me clear it up:

That actually did happen to me. It's not a bad thing, really. It shows the passion of the fans, and the fact that they'd show up at games that they're not even a part of and still sport their Buckeye wear.

Buckeye fans are some of the most passionate in the Big Ten, and with good reason. In recent years the program has cleaned up a lot, and they've as as much success as anyone in NCAA Football in the last six or seven years.

Since the rest of my comments were praising the Bucks and the passion of their fans, I hope its clear that I respect them a lot.

Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you in the future!